The History of the Unicasa Real Estate Family

IN 1995, Unicasa became the first multi-cultural organization of real estate professionals. Today Unicasa provides services for emerging markets as well as the entire real estate market offering a “family” of services with a family of feeling.

Our Caring Philosophy

At Unicasa, CARING IS OUR MISSION. The Unicasa family of caring real estate professionals understands the many levels of support you need as you go thought the complex process or selling or buying a house. The Unicasa philosophy truly sets us apart from all other real estate associations, alliances, and partnerships. When you list or buy a house with us, you become a part of this family and this relationship based on trust. We have been benchmarked ourselves as offering the finest, most caring real estate service in the industry. WE make you feel at home.

The Unicasa business philosophy is distinctly different. It sets us apart from all other real estate organizations because it based on the principle of family values:

Honesty… integrity... And the highest quality of service

Thought this philosophy, Unicasa has advanced and grown to help so many to fulfill their real estate needs. Our number one priority is to live up to—and surpass—your expectations throughout the excellence of our caring service as we help you to market your property or to find your dream home.

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